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Expert Underwriting

At RDK Advisors, business is personal. Each and every case is about the advisor delivering on a promise to their client and RDK Advisors delivering on our promise to the advisor. The RDK promise is that we will help you best position your application for overage to the carrier with industry leading products that is committed to responsibly aggressive underwriting. Advisors have trusted us for years for our skill and our expertise. By working with RDK Advisors, agents are able to leverage our valued relationships with our underwriting partners to secure the best possible underwriting decision.

Some things to consider:

  • “Non-tobacco” rates available for cigar, pipe and chewing tobacco users
  • Occasional marijuana use can be a “preferred non-tobacco” rate
  • Hepatitis C clients can qualify for standard or preferred rate
  • Table reduction program available for all medical impairments: Table three to standard to age 70 – up to $10 million of coverage
  • Preferred classes available to clients with a family history of cancer